The fundamental purpose of a valuation is to estimate the market value of the respective assets for various purposes as follows:-

  1. Mortgage valuation;
  2. Capital valuation for sale and purchase;
  3. Rental valuation for leasing and letting;
  4. Fire insurance valuation;
  5. Valuation for auction reserve;
  6. Valuation for rating; negotiating the reduction of Annual Value with the Local Authority;
  7. Valuation for corporate purposes including capital issues and mergers; and
  8. Valuation for taxation purposes e.g. Real Property Gains Tax, Estate Duty and Stamp Duty.
  9. Valuation FRS 140.
  10. Valuation for submission to Securities Commission,Bank Negara.
  11. Valuation for Land Acquisition purposes.


Plant and Machinery valuation may be required for the following purposes:-

  1. Valuation for loan and mortgage;
  2. Valuation for company accounts and financial statement;
  3. Valuation for receivership/insolvency;
  4. Valuation for merger, acquisition and takeover;
  5. Insurance valuation;
  6. Market Value of machinery;
  7. Forming part of the continuing business;
  8. To remain “in-situ”; and
  9. For removal from premises.

The role of the valuer is to assess the value of the plant and machinery by conducting a factory floor inspection and a detailed survey of all the physical assets so as to record the nature, extent and condition and subsequently to determine the value of the machinery and plant on site as against the register/client’s own records.