We offer property management solution to manage and maintain landed and strata properties on behalf of the property owners such as Joint Management Body (JMB), Management Corporation (MC), Commissioner of Building (COB), Developers and Property based companies. 

Scope of Service

➡ Opening of client’s account, maintaining records of income and expenditure and submitting monthly or quarterly statements;

➡ Negotiating lease terms including advise on renewals and re-lettings;

➡ Periodical inspection to identify the building defects

➡ Liaising and coordinating with the consultants, contractors and the authorities in respect of maintenance and renovation works;

➡ Managing the complaints raised by tenants or parcel owners;

➡ Appointing all service contractors to service air-conditioning system, lifts, standby generator, fire-fighting installations and other mechanical and electrical installation as well as supervising them;

➡ Enforcing tenancy covenants and conditions;

➡ Preparing standard operating procedure (SOP) for maintenance operation and/or emergency situations such as outbreak of fire, bomb threats, etc;

➡ Arrange for payment of assessment and quit rent on behalf of the client; and

➡ Collection of maintenance charges and rental on behalf of the owners


We will provide a sufficient numbers of competent staffs to carry out the above duties based on the Client’s requirement. The site management staffs will normally include Property Executive, Building Supervisor, Charge man, Handyman and Admin and Account clerk. We are guided by the Property Management Standard issued by the Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents Malaysia.