IM Global Property Consultant Sdn Bhd




  • Extensive database on historical sales transactions, rental indicators and construction cost which is systematically categorized into agricultural, residential, commercial and industrial property sectors.
  • Determine the highest and best use of the land.
  • Independent review on the feasibility of projects supported by market data and trend.
  • Exclusively representing the clients’ best interests in their asset optimisation plan.
  • Represent the client in strategic asset negotiations process.
  • Advise on property investment appraisal, acquisition and disposal, portfolio management and other issues related to property investment decision making.
  • Advice on single optimum type or complementary product mix by balancing the anticipated returns and cashflows from different types of development.



  • Valuation of various types of properties including agricultural land, development sites, residential, commercial and industrial properties.
  • Valuation of corporate submission to the Securities Commission (SC) and Bursa Malaysia Securities in accordance with the stringent disclosure and quality standards of the Asset Valuation Guidelines.
  • Advice on land acquisition claims, rating assessment appeals, alienation premium appeals, conversion premium appeals and Real Property Gains Tax.
  • Advice on loan security, refinancing, acquisitions, disposals, insurance, lease negotiations, IPO, accounting, Financing Reporting Standards (FRS) and taxation.
Valuation of plant, machinery and equipment for various purposes including submission to SC and Bursa Malaysia. The plant, machinery and equipment valuation cover a wide range of industries including automated manufacturing, computers/electronics manufacturing, engineering, F&B, processing plants, oil refinery, rigs and more.

Provide advice on intangible asset valuations such as brand valuations, business valuations, share valuations, contract valuations, for valuing customer relationships, valuing shares, valuing patents and for all other intangible asset valuations using the appropriate asset valuation method for the specific asset and purpose.

The resulting intangible asset valuation can be used in a number of ways including compliance with financial reporting standards, inter-company transaction and reporting, tax planning, ROI analysis, licensing arrangements and more.

  • Undertake impairment reviews for intangible assets, particularly those with indefinite lives, goodwill, property investment and other intangibles reported in the balance sheets.
  • Provide breakdown values of land (freehold or leasehold), buildings, biological assets (cultivation), plant, machinery & equipment, motor vehicles and office equipments.
  • Undertake Biological Asset Valuation (IAS 41) for plantation companies.
  • Conduct Price Purchase Allocation (PPA) for accounting purpose.



  • Management & maintain of common property under Strata Management Act 2013 (Act 757) and regulations.
  • Managing Agent appointed by commissioners of building
  • Consultant for established of Joint Management Body (JMB) & Management Corporation (MC)
  • Management of assets under Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)
  • Management & maintenance of commercial and office buildings
  • Facility management of goverment buildings such as Bus Terminal and wet market.

Provide in-depth analysis of a building’s capacity to support current and future needs of our clients. Typical areas examined include structure, mechanical and electrical systems, hazardous materials (asbestos, lead & etc.), life safety and remaining life span.




  • Provide professional service, by way of auction, tender or private treaty on properties, chattels, plant & machinery and construction equipment.
  • Conduct sale by public awards at high court, land office and LACA properties 
  • Appointed by the Edge Media Group to conductr a Southeast Asian Art from 2013
  • Sale by public auction of movable assets appointed by JMB / MC, COB, Court or government bodies



  • Exclusive project marketing to promote and sell properties under construction appointed by the developers.
  • Advise on selling price, marketing strategy and loan documentation.
  • Provide agency services on selling and leasing of various types of properties including commercial, residential, industrial and development land.
  • Undertake sales and acquisitions for insurance, pension funds, property companies and private and overseas investors